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Betsey USA Head shot

Meet our new Jolyn Sales rep for New York and Connecticut, Betsey Armstrong! Betsey is the former team USA Olympic goalie. She won a silver medal in Beijing 2008 and gold medal in London 2012, Betsey is arguably the best female goalie in the world, in other words TOTAL STUD. You can’t miss this 6’1″ beauty at trunk shows!!

Yoga teacher, water polo coach, healthy-living enthusiast, lover of all things water (the beach, the pool, water polo, swimming, surfing–ANYTHING!), passionate about food, travel, learning and teaching. I live with my husband in Connecticut not far from the beach. I love New York as much as I miss California and I could live off of tacos and sushi for the rest of my life.


Instagram: @betsarmstrong1

Jolyn Insta: @jolynnortheast

 If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be:
My husband Chris
A paddle/surfboard (I’m only ever able to stand up on a board that’s a 9’+ longboard so I’ll have a big whopper with me)
A Jolyn bikini and sunglases, duh!!

What’s your favorite beach that you have been to: I took a trip to the Caribbean last winter and I saw some of the most beautiful beaches in the world–my absolute favorite was Prickly Pear Cay in Anguilla (see picture below!). I can’t wait to get back and continue to explore all the nooks and crannies of the Caribbean.

What beach is on your list to go to: I’m dying to get to Tahiti or anywhere in French Polynesia. I follow a lot of surfers blogs and Instagrams and I’ll see such amazing waves and shots of beach from Teahupo’o, Mo’orea and elsewhere throughout the island chain like Bora Bora….they’re all next on my list!!

Who is your favorite athlete: I get stuck between Kobe Bryant and Kelly Slater. Both are so disciplined and consistent yet they are always pushing their boundaries to get better. In my experience as an elite athlete, when you get to a certain level the biggest challenge is to find they ways that will push to stay at the top and improve, without changing everything so drastically that you come undone. I have serious, serious respect for both of them.

 What motivates you: The people in my life–my family, my teammates, my players I coach and my students. I’m such a people person and I love learning and teaching collectively–it’s no fun by yourself and there’s no one to talk to!

What is your signature dish in the kitchen: Guacamole, lol, simple but very very necessary and important

What is the hardest thing you’ve ever experienced: I’ve head to deal with a few major career changes in my life and it’s been a challenge every time. Transitioning from playing water polo for my full-time job has been hard (you mean I can’t just play all day long and make a living??). Though there have been difficult moments, it’s really forced me to evaluate what I value in life and how I want to live through those values.

What is your favorite workout or gym exercise: I’m a water junkie all day every day–I can stay in the pool for hours. When I’m not there you’ll mostly find me in the Yoga Studio. I got really serious about my yoga practice before the 2012 Olympic Games, and since then I’ve gone through several levels of teacher training. You might see me a SoulCycle now and then because sometimes you just need that butt-kicking workout.

Any last words or testimonial: “Feel the fear and do it anyway” is one of my favorite quotes. I’m a big planner and I like things to be calculated and organized–that’s been totally thrown out the window in 90% of my life. You can’t plan, you can only prepare–so prepare and enjoy the ride!

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Chaarge Sprints Jolyn Fit Fridays

This quick DRY LAND (not swim ;)) sprint workout is brought to you by the lovely women of CHAARG

Here’s what you do: Set up 10 meters + grab a timer. The first minute — you’ll sprint 10 meters + then *rest* for the reminder of the minute. Next minute? Sprint 20 meters + then rest. Every minute, you’ll add 10 meters! Your goal should be to get to minute #15 [150 meters!]. Tag your running bud + get ta sprinting! This is a perfect extra burn after a lift or after a low intensity run.

CHAARG is an awesome organization that aims to ignite a passion in college-aged girls for health and fitness. The goal of CHAARG is to liberate girls from the elliptical and show them that fitness can be fun! We all have different ideas of what type of exercise is “fun” and CHAARG university chapters partner with local studios to lead workouts, whether it be CrossFit, Pure Barre, or salsa dancing. They offer something for everyone. Once a CHAARG member you become part of a community of support to keep you motivated. Check to see if your university has a CHAARG chapter!



Fit Fridays-HIIT Workout flat

Olivia Bormann-Jolyn-Fit Fridays-HIITOlivia Bormann-Jolyn-Fit Fridays

Jolyn fan, Olivia Bormann (@oliviaaakatherine) grew up swimming and playing polo and now attends Santa Clara University. Her HIIT workout combines swimming and dryland exercises and is a great way to challenge yourself. See how many rounds you can do in a row!

Follow Olivia’s fitness journey @okbfit


home-marnika-mermaid copyThis month’s artist spotlight is on Marnika Weiss – an illustrator and wardrobe stylist.  She used our Wavy print as inspiration for her mermaid drawings and has worked with our designer in collaboration with an upcoming print.

above: Feather Fish, Fish used in a collaboration w/ Mallyce print, graphic tee on Stephanie Lynn

below: Marnika painting, Flower Lady

to see more- check out her website <here> or insta here: @marnikweiss 




JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine and Lifestyle Blog features Jolyn in their 2015 Swimwear Guide!






Jolyn Lauren Sieckmann-euro-ghost-swimming

Lauren Sieckmann

Professional Beach Volleyball player, USC student, model,  workout-aholic, and originally from Omaha, Nebraska.

Instagram : @laurensieckmann

What is your favorite dryland workout? My favorite dryland workout would have to be running the Manhattan Sand Dunes.  I love running the dunes because it is a total body workout but is also so good for my sport and gets me moving in the sand.  I normally spend about an hour.  One workout I do is just walking up and down it as many times as I can in an hour.  You’d think walking up a sand hill would be easy but most people can’t make it to the top!  Walking up it really works glutes and is great cardio.  I am always out of breath once I get to the top.  Another workout I do is to work on quickness.  I will do about 10 sprints half way up the hill, 10 sprints backwards, 10 shuffling to both sides.

Another favorite workout I do is Olympic lifting.  I love to lift weights! I don’t think girls should be afraid to lift weights and there is always a stereotype that lifting makes girls “get big” but it is not true!  I lift 3 times a week and on the other days I do some form of conditioning.  Lifting is a important part of my workout routine.  I do all types of Olympic lifts that really help with speed and quickness, such as hang cleans, cleans, and snatches.  I always pair it with a type of squat, either a front squat, back squat, or overhead squat.  Every workout I do one type of Olympic lift and one form of squat and then do other accessory lifts such as pull-ups, push-ups, biceps, triceps, lat pull-downs, lat raises, or lunges and always end with some ab exercises!

What is your favorite water workout? Since I play on the sand I do not do very many water workout but I do love to swim in the ocean! After long practices or tournaments I always hop in the ocean.  I think swimming is great on the body and relieves stress from normal workouts that really compact on your joints.  When I do pool workouts I normally do them as a lighter workout for recovery.  I would tread water for time intervals and then I have movement patterns I do in the shallow pool such as shuffles, high knees, and sprinting.

What activities do you do in Jolyn? I always have my Jolyn suit on when I’m playing beach volleyball or even just going to the beach for a relaxing day. That’s what I love so much about my Jolyn suits, they are so versatile.  I can play in them or wear them as a cute suit to the beach.

What’s your favorite Jolyn color? My favorite color would have to be the mermaid print or the electric. I love any of the blue and lavender prints and colors, purple has always been my favorite color

What’s your favorite Jolyn style and why? My favorite style for playing would have to be the European bottoms. I love them because I am always diving in the sand when I play and they never get sand in them.  I’ve had embarrassing experiences with other brands where I have dove for balls and either had piles of sand get into my suit or had them actually slide down!  Jolyn’s always stay so feel comfortable playing knowing I don’t have to worry about holding on to my bottoms while I’m trying to make a play. My other favorite style is the LUKE vent tops.  I got to model those the other week and fell in love at first sight!  They sold out so fast I couldn’t get one for myself! They are super sporty but cute and the highlighter one is definitely my favorite.

Who is your favorite athlete? Misty May! I have idolized her growing up and now I am lucky enough to have her as a coach.  She’s even more amazing now knowing her as a person.  Not just the way she plays but the way she carries herself and takes on life is really inspiring to me.  I have gone to her for advice on many things, volleyball and non-volleyball related.  She’s the best.

If you were 60 years old what would you tell your children? If I was 60 years old I would tell my children to always trust in their path. I’ve gone though crazy things and have doubted my goals and dreams many times but trust everything happens for a reason and there’s a path planned for greatness ahead, keep persevering.  And also, don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled on.

What would we find in your refrigerator right now? I am super into nutrition and am such a healthy eater! I love my meat so you’ll definitely find steak and fish, my two favorite.  Definitely kale, asparagus,  guac, and green beans.  I eat a lot of veggies!  Anything but broccoli, that’s the only thing I won’t eat!  And definitely almond butter, its my weakness.  I think I actually have 3 jars in there right now…..

What nail polish color are you? Nude! I love my nude nail polish. I can’t remember the last color besides nude that I’ve worn.

What is something that nobody knows about you? I did gymnastics for 7 years! I finally decided to quit when I realized I was about a foot taller than everyone.

What is the hardest thing you’ve ever experienced? When I was about 17 I went through a really hard time in my life and developed anxiety and depression and because of that I developed food allergies to gluten and dairy. All of that took a toll on my body and I lost about 20 pounds.  After seeing many doctors, I finally got a hold on what my body could handle and I took a summer of just lifting weights and eating and I gained back all my weight.  This is what inspired me to get into nutrition. I read many books and articles on my own I learned what foods affect certain hormones and help the brain.  By really being conscious about what I was putting into my body and getting into nutrition, I was able to fight and cure my anxiety and depression all on my own.  Before this experience, I was eating fast food 4 times a week and crushing bottles of Mountain Dew.  This also elevated my athletic ability to a whole another level.  I have never felt stronger and happier than I am now.  It’s amazing how much food really affects your mind and body. From this whole experience I have a vision to encourage girls about body image and emphasizing that strong is what’s beautiful and to love your body.

If you were stranded on and island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be? My Jolyn swimsuit, if I could wear a swimsuit 24/7 instead of anything else, I would. 2.  Bulletproof coffee, I drink it every single morning! I really don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my coffee in the morning. 3. My family. Family over everything

What is your signature dish in the kitchen? I would definitely have to say a steak with a side of sweet potatoes with cinnamon and ghee on top, absolute favorite!! Or I love making fish or steak with quinoa and basil hempseed pesto.

JOLYN Lauren Sieckmann 2 Jolyn Lauren Sieckmann Beach VolleyJolyn Lauren Sieckmann VolleyballJolyn Lauren Sieckmann Beach VolleyballJOLYN Lauren SieckmannJolyn Lauren Sieckmann Black Ghost SwimwearJolyn Lauren Sieckmann Blueberry Tomcat Jolyn Lauren Sieckmann DGL WatermelonJolyn Lauren Sieckmann Luke Tom  Jolyn Lauren Sieckmann Water Blue TriangleJolyn Lauren Sieckmann Vent Top Ocean


Fit Fridays Alana Humphries

This is a KILLER workout from JOLYN fan, Alana Humphries. She is 19 years old and heavily involved in Surf Life Saving as a beach sprinter, flagger and relay runner. Alana even included videos in case you are not sure how to perform and exercise properly. 

Follow Alana on Instagram: @alana.humphries

Jolyn Fit Fridays Dryland Workout Alana Humphries

Video links for examples of how to do the exercises properly:


Jolyn Swim Workout JPEG

Jolyn Swim Workout



Jolyn Leah Dawson

Leah Dawson, surfer, musician, filmmaker and Jolyn lover, shares her lifelong dream of traveling to Indonesia for the summer in her awesome video, Julune.